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June 27, 2006



This theory seems to find blame on the female's side. It is so much easier to blame women, we've been getting beaten down for so long.

But consider the damage pesticides, plastics and other chemicals do especially to male babies affecting testosterone levels. It is in our drinking water and think about what it is doing to male frogs mutating them into a creature neither male nor female, surely we are not going to blame the maternal female frog for that. Why not blame mankinds sickening destructive urge to create and sell and pollute with chemicals. Why not blame the corporate mindset that causes delays in taking proven threats off the market and discontinuing production.

Maybe a nice gentle gay-man born into a better cleaner world would have been a straight man. And maybe straight females who want a nice gentle man instead of a he-man ape wouldn't have to fight over the few remaining good men who are still men and still want a straight relationship.

I don't blame the gay community I blame greed.

he-man ape

Kim, it's interesting that you rush defend women as if being gay is something done wrong to be "blamed" for. I'm assuming this statement safely puts you in the "homosexuality is a disease" camp. You obviously have some deep seated homophobia as indicated by your statement "few remaining men who are still men" as if gay men are not really men at all. It's easy to play the victim when you've "been beaten down for so long." But do the gays deserve the same treatment from you? As easy as it is to say women have been victimized, it's just as easy for a woman, such as yourself, to become the victimizer to a group in which you yourself do not belong.

Can you justifiably claim being discriminated against while discriminating against others at the same time? Hypocrisy at its best I suppose.

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